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P3ProSwingTM Integration
The P3ProSwing TM is a sensor mat that captures swing data such as the Club Face Angle, Swing Path, Attack Angle, Strike Location/Sweet Spot, Distance, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Swing Tempo, Left or Right of Center, Left or Right of Path, Toe and Heel Hieght and Penalty.
Both the SwingView Pro and the SwingCoach Live can use the 3ProSwing TM to trigger the video capture. The swing data for each swing is associated with the captured video. When you review the video, the shot data can be reviewed at the same time.
The swing data is shown next to the swing with a graphical picture of the club face angles before, at and after impact. As each swing is captured, pre-recorded face angle and path descriptions are played. Makes a great practice tool. You can visit P3Pro at http://www.p3proswing.com
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