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SwingView ProTM Demo Downloads
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Request a Demo.

Please include your name, address, club name and phone number with the request.

You will be e-mailed a link to download the trial version and the installation CD Key. If you are not installing this as a demo and have paid for the full version, you should have received a CD key from Golf Around the World, Inc.
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SVP - 20 Minutes to Mastery
If you need help call our support line: 561-848-8529
Students may download the SwingCoach program at: www.SwingCoachLive.com This is the program they can use to connect to you via the internet. You don't need to download and install the program - you already have it installed if you are using SVP version 5 or higher. You can access SwingCoach Live under the "File" menu of SwingView Pro. Here's a document you might want to read on SwingCoach Live. You can print it and give it to a student, etc. If you want to run a test session of SwingCoach Live, it only takes a minute to do. Open the program and call me: 561-848-8529 (9-5 EST)
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