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SwingView Pro TM Testimonials
The SwingView Pro TM has been on the market since 2000. The initial development time was spent working with PGA Professionals and teachers to create the easiest-to-use and most effective video teaching tool in the market. Swing Technologies worked with Dr. Gary Wiren, Master PGA Professional and author of the PGA Teaching Manual, to provide the best video teaching aid available. Dr. Gary Wiren uses the SwingView Pro to provide visual re-enforcement to his students during his lessons. Please read the testimonials from Pro's like you below.
The SwingView Pro TM automatically captures the student's swings, so that Dr. Wiren can concentrate on teaching and not the video software.
The SwingView Pro TM automatically displays the last swing captured. It is ready to use when Dr. Wiren is ready to use it.
Dr. Wiren uses the SwingView Pro's TM many features to provide visual re-enforcement to his students.

Jon Wrote:

I just wanted to take the time to thank the team that developed and supports Swing View Pro software.  SVP is quite simply the best bang for your buck on the market today!  I’ve used virtually every video software package on the market and I simply could not justify spending thousands more when SVP has it all for less money. 

 Another unique aspect that is priceless to me is that the team at SVP listens to the needs of their clients and works to make the software better with each version.  I’m especially thankful for the screen record & extended record modes in the newest version.  It takes less than one minute now to record a video lesson plan and send it to my clients.  I can’t tell you how impressed my clients are and that makes me more valuable to them and more marketable to prospective students.  With the extended record mode I actually gave a friend in Florida lessons just by recording drills and lesson plans for him to view and then work on at the range.

 I’ve been with SVP for four years now and although the product is top notch and the price is right, what sets SVP apart from every other product like it is the customer support.  When I have a question it gets answered in a timely manner and it is free!  State of the art product at the right price and customer support is free…..you guys are doing it right and I’m telling everyone who will listen that SVP is the best the video recording product to purchase whether you’re a large golf school or just getting started.


Jon P. Cote, PGA
Golf Instruction LLC
Stamford Marriott Hotel
Two Stamford Forum
Stamford, CT 06901


Chuck Wrote:

I have incorporated the use video in my instruction since 1985 and have used a number of the digital video software programs on the market today.  "Swing View Pro" is by far the easiest to use and offers all the features I require for my students.  The "Student CD" allows the student to archive, as well as track their lesson progress.  They especially love the ability to do side by side comparisons as well as print the 20 frame sequence of their swing! The best thing about "Swing View Pro" is the price, much less than comparable systems that do less!  The integration with the "P3Pro" simulator makes this system a home run.  The support from the Swing Technologies staff is fantastic.  They always answer the phone to solve your problem and welcome your comments and suggestions to improve the product. If you are looking for a program as professional instructor or just to improve your own swing, nothing on the market comes close at this price!  You won't be disappointed! Charles Will
PGA Director of Instruction
"Golf Range Magazine Top 50 Golf Instructors in America for 2003 & 2004"

Chuck Will Golf Academy
21593 Jesse Court
Dulles, Virginia 20166

Direct: 703.932.0537
Main: 703.404.8800 x204
Fax: 703.404.2232
Email: ChuckWill@PGA.com
Website: www.ChuckWillPGA.com

Tom Wrote:

To whom it may be of interest:   I am a teaching pro in Phoenix, Arizona.  In season I do 20 to 40 lessons a week.   Swing View Pro is an excellent addition to my collection of teaching aids.  The ability to show the students their swings and then burn a CD complete with graphics and commentary is tremendously useful and effective for enhancing their comprehension and developing a sense of urgency in them to make changes.  They can see the need for themselves.   The students' perception of value is also very important.  When they leave from their first lesson with a CD they are very impressed.   Golf Around the World in general and Dane Wiren in particular has supported me in every step of the process of implementing this software.  My involvement with them has been the best customer experience I have ever had.  Their expertise is impressive and their customer-service attitude is the most accommodating I have ever enjoyed.   I unreservedly recommend Swing View Pro and Golf Around the World to any teacher trying to decide which course her/she should take.  You won't be disappointed.   All the best,   Tom Drisler

Scott Wrote:

I recently received the 3.0 version of Swing View Pro software and wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful teaching tool! It has been a pleasure to use, split screens are much improved as well as the swing frame tools. Video is a powerful teaching tool and my students see the benefits immediately. The ability to e-mail swing sequences and notes to students after a lesson is impressive to my clientele. I have used other video systems such as SwingSolutions, AStar and V1, Swing View Pro is as good as any, at a fraction of the cost! I feel your teaching knowledge gives you a unique advantage over other software companies, you understand the needs of teaching professionals like myself. Also, your technical support is tremendous.

I strongly recommend Swing View Pro to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a video system.


Scott Fossum
PGA Teaching Professional
PGA Certified Master of Instruction
Charlotte Golf Links
Charlotte, NC

Richard Wrote:

I am very pleased that I chose the SwingView Pro system for video-taping my students. We have an older version of another system at our facility that we needed to upgrade. I researched several computer teaching systems at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando In January. I found that I would have to pay thousands of dollars to bring in a quality system. However, through contacting Golf Around the World at the Show and when I came home, I learned that the SwingView Pro gives me exactly what I needed to enhance the video learning of my students without sacrificing quality and at a much lower cost.

The technical support I have received has been excellent. Everything I have asked of the staff, from setting up my system to understanding all that I can do for my students and corporate clients, has always received timely and expert response. I have spent much of the Fall golf season giving video lessons and burning CD's for my students. The SwingView Pro is so impressive and easy to use that another golf pro I worked with has ordered the software for his students. I shall be recommending to any teaching professional to examine and purchase the SwingView Pro system for their video lesson needs.

Richard Block, Ph.D.
Teaching Professional
Darlington Golf Center, Mahwah, NJ

Jeff wrote:

After researching several computer teaching systems, I chose the SwingView Pro system to bring video learning to my membership. I thought that I would have to pay thousands to bring in a quality system, but I found that lower cost  did not have to mean lower quality. SwingView Pro gives me exactly what I  need to enhance the video learning of my membership. The greatest accessory to the system is the technical support I have received. From setting up my system to understanding all that I can do for my members, I have always received timely and expert support on any questions that I had......No system is worth any amount without that personal support that I needed and received!

Jeff Jordan
PGA Teaching Professional
Druid Hills Golf Club, Atlanta, GA

Bob Wrote:

Just a quick note to let you know that my purchase at last year's PGA Show of your SwingView Pro video system was probably my best show purchase ever. I gave over 2500 individual lessons last year and students loved the feedback. I've used video 100% of the time since 1990, however, this was a quantum leap in improvement. I look forward to seeing you next week at the Show.

Bob Nied
The Club Shop
Crown Point, IN

Mike Wrote:

SwingView Pro software is taking video instruction into the 21st Century. It has many outstanding features to aid in swing analysis and can help in maintaining student records and developing reference materials. I am constantly learning new uses.

Mike Peterson
Stone Creek Golf Club
Urbana, IL

Leigh Wrote:

After years of professionally instructing for various golf instruction companies, 4 years ago I decided to form my own company, ProSwing Golf Academy in Phoenix, AZ. Shortly after getting started I became acquainted with Astar's swing analysis system and as chance would have it the President of the company was in Phoenix and afforded me an onsite demo of the product. I was very impressed with several of the features it had to offer however, as I was just getting started up & being on a limited budget I couldn't afford the $12,000 investment for the complete system nor the $1850 for the software. So I put it on the back burner and in the next years time also had the occasion to use the V1 & Swing Solutions systems. Each of them had there good points as well as certain areas within the program that I felt were either lacking or too time consuming to use.

A couple of years pasted & God blessed my business to grow so I began to take a closer look around for a swing analysis system that I felt would fit my needs & budget. In the course of doing a search on the Net I came across Gary Wiren's site and found that he was marketing a digital swing analysis system that was affordably priced and seemed to provide all the features that the most expensive one's did but his price was much more affordable.

So I called and talked to Dane Wiren, Gary's son. Because of the money back guarantee I ordered one complete system. ... Shortly after this I decided to add 2 more instructors and I wanted to equip them with the same set-up & equipment that I was using so I talked with Dane again and got the important specs on the operating system and cameras that he would recommend. Dane sent me a FREE upgrade to SVP, I purchased 3 new computers & placed them in the field. They worked perfectly, are indispensable to my instructors and students, and as of this date I have been provided with 4 FREE upgrades & a lot of tech support at no charge.

The newest release, is the best so far allowing for flawless 2 DV camera capture & the ability to record video drills. Another big advantage is burning the students swing analysis to take home CD-ROM complete with vector graphics & audio. The other systems on the market require the student to purchase a play only version so that they can play the analysis on their home computer. I like the fact that my students can invest more in lessons not in one application software.

In conclusion let me say that the product is very easy to learn/use right from the beginning, multiple camera use is supported perfectly, & the ongoing tech support is THE BEST I've ever encountered. The program performs exactly in the manner advertised with  new upgrades released at the beginning of each year. If anyone would like to contact me directly with any questions or if you are in the Phoenix area and would like a live demo on the equipment I would be all too happy to accommodate you. I presently have them working 6 days a week on four golf courses & will be adding 2 more in the following week.

Leigh Loft
Owner/Certified Master Instructor
ProSwing Golf Academy
P O Box 1283
Wickenburg, AZ 85358

Doug Wrote:

It has been fifteen years since I purchased my first video system to be used for golf instruction.  Since then I have owned four video computer enhanced systems.  Of all the computer software, the SwingView Pro has been the most versatile, user-friendly system I have used.

The SwingView Pro has been beneficial to my students for several reasons.  First, each student receives a CD of their swing that allows him/here to view two angles of their golf swing, making my golf instruction more easily understandable.  As you are aware, the SwingView Pro allows the use of graphics that are laid over the student's swing, allowing the student to view any unnecessary movement, as well as allowing him/her to monitor the swing plane of the club, which is also beneficial to improving the student's swing.  Another benefit to using the CD is that it provides the capability of using written or voice recorded notes regarding recommended swing changes, which a student may otherwise forget.

During the lessons, the student can view a model swing alongside their own using the split screen feature of the SwingView Pro.

The features of the SwingView Pro are unsurpassed by other software that I have used or researched.

Above all, the SwingView Pro has created an increased market for lessons with the student leaving the lesson with an overall appreciation of their golf swing because they understand how to improve it.

One last note, the software support that Golf Around The World has provided is the best!

Thanks, Dane, and Golf Around The World for marketing the SwingView Pro, as well as all the other swing trainers that have helped my students to excel in the game of golf.


Douglas Cody
PGA Member
Citrus Heights, CA

P.S. I made back the money I spent on SwingView Pro in the 1st three weeks I used it.

Ben Wrote:

Golf improvement has always been limited for lack of immediate, reliable feedback.  Not any longer.

With SVP my players and I are focused on the same thing.  They see what I see.  They put what they see with the feeling of doing it...feedback, almost in real time.

They then take the lesson home with graphics, text comments and audio comments.  For a long time my students have wished they could "take me home" with them.  Now with the SVP lesson CD, they can!  We searched long and hard. SVP is the answer.  Complete, affordable, easy to use and understand, and the best technical support we've run across.  I recommend it highly.

Ben Jackson, Golf Professional
Ben Jackson's Golf Academy

Scott Wrote:

I just wanted to drop a note to let you guys know how much my students enjoy the SwingView Pro.  I have been a full time teacher for over ten years, as well as a PGA member, always using video.  I have found this system the easiest and most simple that I have ever worked with.  Everyone loves it, keep up the good work guys, thanks.

Scott Hanks
PGA Member
Lenexa, KS

Steve wrote:

I must tell you that while I'm no golf pro (I actually manage rock bands for a living), I'm a fairly sophisticated computer user and a decent golfer (3 hdcp).  I previously used the V1 software and SVP kills it on almost every front.

Steve Rennie

Nick Wrote:

SwingView Pro has made its way across the ocean to Southern Italy.  My hat’s off to the Golf Around the World/Swing Technologies Team.  They’ve come up with one powerful piece of analysis software in Version 4.0.  My students love it!  I’ve previewed various programs, but this one takes computer golf analysis to another dimension.  The layout of the program, its multitude of valuable features, and ease of operation are fantastic—and now with the addition of customizable skins, the esthetics can even be further enhanced.  Wow!—all this…and for a great price.  With the help of the comprehensive tutorials and some playtime, you can make this program DANCE.  And if you ever feel like you have two left feet, call or email Dane Wiren—he’ll get you back in step real fast—tech support is second to none. 

All the best guys—keep up the stellar work.

Nick McErlane
USGTF Member
City Golf Learning Center
Napoli, Italia

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